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Scott Watson / 20 Santoka


Versions by Scott Watson. 20 poems in a stapled chaplet. $5.00.

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Empty Hands Broadside 22: John Martone, The Paper Screen

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John Martone

The Paper Screen


ibis beaks
curve in the grass outside
wrought iron windows


can’t name that bird
in the areca palm
just listen

Ed Baker, Along the Sligo

Along the Sligo was published in 2006 as Empty Hands Broadside #1 in an edition of 150 copies.

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John Perlman’s CORPUS

Buy CORPUS now and receive a signed copy of A Walk Around the Lake, Empty Hands Broadside #2 (while supplies last). 

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CORPUS by John Perlman

Limited paperback. $8.00 + $2.00 shipping.


Featuring Joel Chace


from Scaffold

grid                  of failure                      (of) goodness

speaking builds it            witness                   song




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John Perlman: CORPUS

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Limited edition paperback. $8.00.

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‘Reasons for Singing’: On John Taggart   In 2007, CV Press published Taggart’s poem Wall/Stairway. A very limited quantity is still available.

Restoration Poems

To find in poetry an original blade…

7 Poems by David Giannini