Broadsides are published irregularly, two issues at a time, in editions of 50-150 copies. Order with PayPal or send an email to countryvalley[at]mac.com

Broadsides are $1.00/$3.00, signed. Postpaid within the United States. Please contact us for international orders.

6 issues for $5.00 (U.S)   BUY NOW

6 signed issues for $17.00 (U.S.)  BUY NOW

When ordering selected issues, please email to let us know which titles you would like

New issues


23. Nancy Davenport, Mindful Pocket Poems   *Limited copies available


24. Joseph Massey, For Want


Empty Hands Broadside Series


Scanned Image 160890002

Scanned Image 160890003

1. Ed Baker, Along the Sligo    *SOLD OUT

2. John Perlman, A Walk Around The Lake

3. Theodore Enslin, Four Ages of Man

4. Fred Jeremy Seligson, Cherry Blossoms  *Only signed copies available

5. Devin Johnston, Sources

6. Yamao Sansei/Scott Watson, Single Bliss

7. Michael O’Brien, Avenue

8. Thomas A. Clark, Doire Fhearna

9. David Giannini, Low-Tide Cards

10. Charlie Mehrhoff, Nothing Exists

11. Jeffery Beam, The Green Man’s Man

12. Charles Belbin, Dust on our Shoes

13. Sabine Miller, With Each Fall  *Only signed copies available

14. Serge Gavronsky, Centrality

15. Simon Cutts, Empty Hand

16. John Phillips, Pages

17. Andrew Schelling, One Phase of the Hunt

18. Whit Griffin, Fugitive Cant

19. Hoa Nguyen, Late in the Month

20. Dale Smith, The Time Machine Paradox

21. Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Blank Notes

22. John Martone, The Paper Screen

23. Nancy Davenport, Mindful Pocket Poems

24. Joseph Massey, For Want

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